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Ideas Start Choosing Holiday Sweater Patterns Today 2021

Most of the knitters and knitters I know are extremely generous people. In an ideal world, for everyone on our lists, we choose beautiful holiday sweater models that ideally fit each person’s style and taste. But no matter how soon you start, it’s impossible.

Handmade sweaters take dozens of hours, hundreds of dollars, and thousands of yards of yarn (though not more than anyone else!) And no matter how we love our family and friends, not everyone gets a sweater this year. It can be painful to narrow down the list and find a reasonable balance, and each solves the problem in their own way.

Some make sweaters just for themselves and only accessories as gifts. Some choose holiday sweater models only for their mothers and other close family members. Some choose only one special person to buy a sweater each year.

Obviously, this is just for fun, but it makes you think about what really makes a person a worthy buyer of a handmade sweater. It may seem like you might be thinking about how to do it, but if the gift is made by hand, it doesn’t mean you need to consider whether the gift’s value is appropriate. Nothing is more devastating than giving a handmade gift that is not appreciated.

There is nothing wrong with knitting or knitting one with a beautiful accessory or home decor instead of wearing all the clothes! You don’t owe anyone else – handmade gifts should always be provided for free.

So what about rare, “precious sweaters”? Here are festive knit and crochet sweaters that are guaranteed to be precious relics for years.

A well-chosen knit sweater is an incredibly lavish gift for a happy buyer. The crochet fabric is so versatile that it allows you to make knitted sweaters light, lace and draped or thick, warm and durable. It all depends on what the buyer will appreciate most.

On the light and lace side, there is the Icicle sweater, a beautiful one-piece design with a waist, slim funnel neck and bell sleeves for a beautiful, feminine look. The library cardigan is wonderfully lacy with its incredibly veiled delicate fabric while keeping the warmth of the wearer.

Whichever festive sweater pattern you choose, and for any craft, consult with the buyer you are targeting to make sure it fits at least the design as a whole. For best results, borrow and measure clothing that fits them well and fits the pattern you choose.





Sizes U.S. 6 (4 mm) circular knitting needle 16″ [41 cm] long, U.S. 7
(4.5 mm) circular knitting needle 29″ [75 cm] long. Set of 4 size U.S. 7
(4.5 cm) double-pointed knitting needles or size needed to obtain
gauge. Stitch markers.
Patons® Classic Wool™ Worsted (3.5 oz/100 g; 194 yds/177 m)
Sizes XS/S M L XL 2/3XL 4/5XL
Version 1
Contrast A Navy Blue (77773)
Contrast B Duck Egg Blue (77766)
Contrast C Rich Teal (77768)
Contrast D Desert (77752)
Contrast E Brown Mustard (77757)
Contrast F Coral Peach (77750)
Version 2
Contrast A Natural Mix (00229)
Contrast B Heath Heather (77215)
Contrast C Peach Blush (77748)
Contrast D Desert (77752)
Contrast E Coral Peach (77750)

Say hello to your new favorite sweater! Choose from two carefully crafted palettes to highlight the artful color work of Patons Classic Wool Worsted yokes. Embroidered from top to bottom, this sweater has a neck shape, gorgeous Fair Isle work and a generous slightly cropped cut to modernize its classic style. This sweater is as comfortable as it is stylish.

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