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Crochet Blusas Mod Christmas Sweater Pattern 2021

It’s the season of ugly Christmas sweaters crocheted in offices and homes across the country. This tradition has developed in recent years. Many websites boast the “most disgusting” sweaters of all categories, such as “3D” and “Naughty.” There’s also an attractive Customizer sweater so you can wear your heart on your sleeve (and everywhere!). If you’re desperately looking for a crochet free pattern ugly Christmas sweater, we’ve put together some silly options to inspire you this Christmas season! While we don’t hesitate to call any handmade project “ugly”, we will definitely call it “extra”. Are you dreaming of spending your white Christmas with the newest Christmas sweater you can imagine?

This dude with the crochet sweater looks like he’s on vacation for about an hour. With its tongue, swinging green bow, and lights extending from its three-dimensional horns, it’s almost night! To take this sweater to the next level, we recommend playing around with how much eyeballs are searched and what they look like on Google! There’s nothing like a confident muffled north turn on Santa’s night journey.

This next sweater may not be rated for family events, but it will definitely cause chuckles at work.

This crochet free pattern sweater is pretty thin, just like Christmas sweaters, but we challenged our readers – the more snowmen, the better! We decorate each little snowman with winter clothes of his choice. No end of year fantasy, maybe little sweaters! It offers to buy a simple sweater, so all work will be crocheted and free embroidery. As a bonus, these cute knitted snowmen will also make charming decorations and gift tags.




Patons® Shetland Chunky (100 g / 3.5 oz)
Sizes 5.5 mm (U.S. 9) and 6 mm (U.S. 10) circular knitting needles 24 ins
[60 cm] long. Set of four sizes 5.5 mm (U.S. 9) and 6 mm (U.S. 10) doublepointed knitting needles or size needed to obtain tension. Cable needle.

We love this incredibly thick sweater in anticipation of the cold weather. Braid your hair in your favorite shade, choose from the many options in our Patons Shetland Chunky collection, or simplify your work with Deep Moss as shown. If you’re looking for a cozy gift of the season, let’s sew this winner.

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