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The Campfire Sweater Knitting Idea Patterns New 2021

If you can do something to wear during your comfortable weekend, this is a velvet sweatshirt. I am very happy to share with you these new designer sweater models, which are the designs of my favorite clothes in my career so far. It works on a simple crochet stitch from the bottom up, the neck and background are made with the brightest threads. Now I want a cupboard of these hoodies!

I especially like the idea that we can do something with our own hands, which reflects who we are and all our qualities. I thought of what I really wanted in my closet and it was something not too tight, but not too big, hot but not scratched, I have a large turtleneck that I can take when I’m nervous and pockets for my phone and random toys. that I was gathering around the house. And that’s all! This design is associated with comfort, physical comfort, a warm and cozy sweater, while at the same time informal and frivolously comfortable with who you are.

A simple crochet for the torso and arms followed by a half crochet for the hood neck. Use the bottom-up sleeve design where you make the body and both sleeves and then join them together with a rounded sleeve. Then the yoke turns and turns and slowly descends to the neckline. From there, it rises again to create a loose collar and work on uninterrupted laps. In fact, you can run the hood as high as you want or until you run out of flow!





To Fit Bust/Chest: 28-30 (32-34, 36-38,
40-42, 44-46)”.
Finished Bust/Chest: 36 (40 ½, 44, 48
½, 52)”.
RED HEART®, “Super Saver®”, 3
skeins of 776 Dark Orchid (CA) and 2
skeins of 318 Watercolor ( CB)
Alternate color suggestions –
Super Saver No. 316 Soft White CA and
Essentials No. 2991 Sedona CB.
Super Saver No. 312 Black CA and No.
786 Candy Print CB.
Super Saver No. 365 Coffee CA and
Classic No. 991 Desert Sand CB.
Knitting Needles: 4 mm and 5 mm [US
6 and 8]
Yarn Needle.
GAUGE: In Fair Isle pattern with larger needles: 18 sts
and 22 rows = 4”. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size
needles to obtain the gauge given.

Everything you need to make your new project is included in this kit! Time to get stitching, and don’t forget to share your progress!

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