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30+ Free Ideas Gorgeous Crochet Cardigan Patterns for Women New 2020

Cardigans are the perfect overlay of clothing. They are easy to wear and can be put on almost anything to give the picture a finished look. They keep warm and comfortable without the need for jackets; or they can be worn under a jacket during the coldest days of the year. Knitted cardigans, of course, are particularly comfortable. They are also surprisingly easy to do because of the simplicity of their molding. Knitted cardigans make great gifts for women of all ages; they are special and personal. Or, if you do not want to make them as a gift, you can use these knitted cardigan designs to create your own additions to the wardrobe!

This is a very simple crochet pattern, working mainly using double crochet stitches. It would be an excellent choice for the first knitted cardigan for beginners. Each part of the cardigan (back, front, sleeves) is treated separately, the sleeves work in circles, and the rest – in circles. Instructions for small sizes and there is information to increase to larger sizes. The designer assumes that it will be a beautiful festive outfit, especially since it is made in a shimmery thread.

The hook designer says, “Like a hug blanket, this shoulder-shaking cardigan comfortably covers your shoulders for that extra warmth.” It works with very simple crochet stitches and has a super simple shape (basically it’s a 40-inch square with a few seams in it), making it another great choice for beginners to pick a cardigan. It is available for free template download.

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