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30+ Free For Women Cozy Cardigans Free Crochet Patterns New 2020

Last week, I collected many different models of sweaters I found. In fact, I found all these cardigans too, but since there were so many of them, I had to divide them into two different positions. Here they are. A selection of many great cardigan models that I have found. These are all free models. This week, I was also working on my own projects. I love Halloween, so in the training process, I wanted to create the perfect spider design.

These spiders were really fun to do and I wrote a template and did a video tutorial. Then I thought my spider would be on the hat, so I made a spiral plug to tie it. You can also see my other drawings, all with free samples, on the My Designs page. And if you are looking for ideas for other projects, do not forget to visit the Cardigan page. There you will find my previous posts like this one, including the very popular baby blankets, kids gifts, unicorns and more!

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Anyway, we will continue with these amazing cardigan designs. When you find one that you like, click or click on the title below the image to go to the free template page. This message also contains affiliate links where you can exchange the thread you are using.

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