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30+ Free House Rug Patterns To Refresh Your Decor Ideas New 2020

“Spring cleaning” may seem a little cliche for some, but in my house it is an absolute reality! I have two dogs, two cats and a small child, so I actually clean up quite often, but when a cabin fever appears during the first weeks of spring, I almost always want to order, clean and update my decor with more light and bright colors

One of my favorite things about crocheting is the ability to update my decor with something I do for myself. In autumn and winter, the updated decor is often a blanket, but in spring and summer I really would like to make fewer parts and carpets are one of my favorites. They are a relatively quick project, they are easily transported while working on them and such an easy way to bring something new to the room without investing a lot of time or money. PLUS carpets in the store are not cheap, so if you can make your own, it’s much better!

Have you ever made your own carpet? Here are 30 FREE crochet patterns to get you started 🙂

Rapid carpets are practical and beautiful. Take any of your old and worn textiles, even those that are too dyed or shabby, to be used for their original purposes, and turn them into beautiful works of art. This collection of free crochet rug patterns includes a wide range of designs that make excellent use of old stripes of fabric.

TIPS: Working with thick material like fabric can be more difficult for hands than working with traditional yarn. People with recurring stress injuries such as comma syndrome) can skip rag rugs or start off with smaller ones. Everyone else can help from resting their hands frequently when weaving rags and rugs.

Create something beautiful with this pattern. It is ideal for use with t-shirt yarn (as arranged), but you can work with any fabric you have. You can also use other rug patterns worked with large hooks and yarn to create carpets. The result is a truly unique carpet.

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