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30+ Free A Simple Crochet Rug Pattern Perfect For Beginners Ideas New 2020

I was struck by the thought of choosing a new carpet for Merry’s room. There are so many options. I wanted a neutral round carpet that would not come off.

Every morning, before preschool, I have to drop B. Pants. No, we don’t have any pets inside, only a wool carpet, which requires as much maintenance as a dog. At least I shouldn’t walk 🙂

I knit to bite the carpet is not difficult. I will share some tips I learned along the way. If you are a crochet ninja, you can scroll down to the free crochet carpet pattern.

How to knit a flat circle
The key to getting a round rug that is flat to have the right amount increases in each round. During crochet weaving, stop every few circles and place the carpet on the floor. Is he still in bed? If you have too many threads, the carpet will begin to shake. If you do not add enough thread to the edges of the carpet to screw. Here is a great tutorial.

leaflets: cute in dresses not carpets
Reduce the size of the hook. This will make your stitches stiffer and use less thread to get rid of the steering wheel.
Check the number of stitches. Extend raises. If the template says: work 1 DC on each of the next 10 sts, work 2 dc on the next pt “.. Instead, you can” work 1 DC on each of the next 11 sts, work 2 DC on the next PT “.
Curling: great for 90s hits, not carpet
This is the size of the hook. This will add more flow to the rounds by straightening the edges.
Add more stitches. If the crocheting carpet pattern says: work 1 DC on each of the next 10 sts, work 2 DC on the next Fri “, and you can” work 1 cc on each of the next 9 sts, work 2 cc on the next st “.
Now that you know how to knit a circle, you will also like this round crochet fiat bag pattern. Use the same technique.

It’s about a thread
Yarn is important for a durable carpet. I planned to wear a thread T-shirt. After some samples, I decided that it was not as smooth as I would like and would be the best choice for storing baskets.

I used Bernat Maker Yarn for a giant puff floor and fell in love with its durability and softness. This is a bulky cotton pipe thread. I saw many carpets from the upholstery of pipes. I think this is a great choice, but the yarn manufacturer is much more affordable and softer. Acrylic thread will look good at first, but these are pills. If your rug is in a high traffic area, a nursery would not recommend it.

UPDATE: It has been almost 1 year of this crocheted carpet living in Everly’s room. She plays every day. The carpet looks the same as when I first did it. Yarn is supported well without pile or styling.

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