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30+ Free Easy Child’s Winter And Spring Crochet Patterns For Kids Ideas New 2020

This new tunic top pattern is perfect for toddlers wearing this summer. With a knit fabric and customizable length, this sleeveless top can be a tunic tank or a nice little dress!

Last December I shared a 1.5 hour cap, a fast and very light crochet pattern that became one of Make and Do Crew’s most popular models. It is convenient for beginners and can be done in less time than it takes to see a romcom. What should not you like?

Well, unfortunately the yarn I used in the 1.5 hour cap pictured above is no longer available, so today I share a recently updated version of the template with sizes that are (almost) suitable for everyone.

The yarn I used in the hats used for preschoolers, kids and adults is a novelty from Lion Brand and I’m so excited about it. It’s called Color Made Easy, and its name is combined with a nice range of modern, trendy colors. (Look at all here!)

Although I like this thread the most, it is that it belongs to category 5, which means that it is shorter than camouflage, but not very bulky. This allows you to quickly make designs while maintaining a beautiful stitch definition and flexible fabric texture – perfect to add a little downgrade to the pattern of this baby knit hat!

Although the original image used a Category 5 yarn, I think the Color Made Easy is slightly thinner, so the number of adult size stitches and rows below is slightly different than the original version.

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