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30+ Free Crochet Patterns for Summer and Spring DIY Crafts Ideas New 2020

How about a new, cute, beginner-friendly crochet project that you can wear all summer? If you’re new to crocheting, this is a fun project that goes beyond single crochet stitches and does something beautiful that you can boast about. This can be my favorite of all the summer blankets, blouses and cocoons that I have shared in recent years. It was inspired by my Casablanca poncho pattern and Mod mesh blanket pullover sweater, both of which were simple projects of Heartland yarn by Lion Brand (here). This “Easy Summer Fun Shrug” drawing uses basic double crochet stitches and chain stitches to create a delicate fabric, and all you have to do is make a big rectangle.

And, lovers of neutral color, rejoice! Is not this color of the Grand Canyon amazing? The yarn has an incredible draping, so it is comfortable for the skin, and the bright shine makes it even more “summery”. I’m not always a fan of clean yarn (is that a word?), But it works great in this case. And although I’ve only used one color (I know I’m so predictable), you can be creative and use as many colors as you want! You can see all the color options of Heartland here. Getting crazy!

This summer, round bags will appear in stores, and this airy jute version is very easy to crochet! You will see a free sample below and a tutorial with pictures to help you with this (the print version for the ad-free print can be found here in my shop). I also saw a lot of other cute crochet bags but wanted to create my own style with this cheap but beautiful jute. What I like most about this bag is that it looks like a shop and only costs $ 6! It also has a breezy look and uses a round stitch for grandma (similar to what I recently used in my boho crochet top top) to make it very easy to start. It has a slightly bohemian look, but it still has clean, classic lines that I love. This purse is very good for summertime and I think it will be a wonderful gift for my friends as well.

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