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Free Crochet Baskets for Every Room In Your House! Ideas New 2021

Winthrop Basket


For Basket: Lion Brand Yarn: Rewind Tape Yarn, 5 Bulky, 70% Polyester 30% viscose, 219 yards and 100g.
For handles: Lion Brand Yarn: Re-up, 4/ worsted, 100% cotton, 100g. (only 25g needed)
For Basket: J/10 6mm (I’m a really loose crocheter so you might have to choose a larger hook to get gauge)
For handles: G/7 4.5mm
Notions: Tapestry needle
Size: 30 inch circumference, 7 inch height
Gauge: 12 st x 14 rows = 4 inches
Stitches Used: Chain (ch), Single crochet (sc), Slip Stitch (sl st), Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc), Double crochet stitch (dc), Front post double treble crochet (fpdtc)
Special stitches:
fpdtr: yo 3 times, insert hook around desired stitch from front to back, yo and pull through for a total of 5 loops on the hoop, (yo and pull through 2 loops) 4 times.

Some of the best advice I have gotten in my creative business is, “when you have a creative block go back to what you already know and build off of what you have already done.” So for me a lot of the time that looks like re-using a stitch pattern or if I have a hat pattern I will try and make a cowl or gloves to go with the hat.

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