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Free Crochet Baskets for Every Room In Your House! Ideas New 2021

I designed the basket crochet pattern because I am in love with home decor and I really enjoy finding ways to add crochet punch to rooms as much as I can! So when my friend said he needed a potting cover, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

I have been looking for a certain size basket for a while with no luck. Then I saw a circular version of this idea and realized I could make my own!

This uses a technique similar to crochet where you crochet over another yarn to add volume to one fabric. This works the same way if you’ve previously crocheted your ends to avoid weaving.

In this case, I used rope instead of another thread, this is much more bulky but great for adding rigidity and making each row deeper. This project had the advantage of using just one strawberry I left in my stash!

Spring has come and it has given me the mood to clean and organize my whole house! One thing I like to use for storage are baskets. Today I will share a simple crochet basket with handles that are perfect for holding toys, sewing supplies, or thread!





US – M 9.0 mm – Susan Bates
125 yds Bernat Blanket (6 – Super Bulky; 220 yds/201 m; 10.5oz)
Colorway used: Orange Leaf (1 ball)
5.7″ foam ball for artificial flowers
Artificial greenery
Fiber Fill
Stitch Markers
Large Yarn Needle
Gauge: 9 ldc x 4.5 rows = 4″ in pattern
Finished Size: Approx 15″ long, assembled, excluding greenery

Okay, so it turns out that whole eating carrots for your eyes thing is a myth. But the Carrot Door Basket is a great way to make your eyes smile by adding some festive fun to your front door! Add artificial greenery for a big look that’s low maintenance, that you can enjoy year after year.

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