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25+ Free Best How To Embroider On Knitted Or Crocheted Items Ideas New 2020

Have you ever had a big sweater that was a little simple? Maybe you crocheted a simple scarf and would like to be a little more elegant? Although it’s possible for knitwear and crochet designs to work as they are created, this is not the only way to add motifs to these types of pieces. Embroidery is the solution that you are looking for! The principle of achieving this is the same as any other type of hand embroidery. There are several things to keep in mind when you start.

For starters, you will need a woven or crocheted item. It can be handmade or prefabricated, but choose one that has harder or harder dots. A more open point can be difficult to embroider. The hat shown here has a thin fabric, as well as a knitwear lining.

Any embroidery thread may work for this, but it is useful to choose one with a weight and fiber content similar to the one you sew, especially if you need to wash the item. For thicker fabrics, try using thread for stitching. Crewel wool will also work well in fine fabrics.

When choosing a template to work with, start with something simple. If you feel more comfortable, you can choose something with more detailed information or add them yourself. Template “M” in the example from the set of free monogram models. One of the biggest problems when working on a point in an article is template submission. Tracking paper or water-soluble stabilizing methods is best suited for this. If possible, work without a hoop. Placing an item in a ride I can stretch knitted material and deform it.

Sew through the material and knitwear as you would any other embroidery, but avoid squeezing the dots too tightly. Most items like this need to have a little stretch, and tightening stitches will avoid this.

After you have finished sewing, cut silk paper or soak the stabilizer. If soaked, gently squeeze the excess water with a towel, and then place knitted clothes to dry. A simple monogram can be completed in one night, which means that you will have a special item as soon as possible. You don’t even have to learn to knit or crochet! In the shortest possible time, you will look for more knitted and crocheted pieces to add your embroidered brand. After you run out of your closet, check the thrift stores for big finds. You can also work without a template and decorate your work by hand. Artist Dottie Angel creates a beautiful work in a way that she calls “lantunta tattoos.”

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