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25+ Free Best Crochet Embroidery Patterns Ideas You Can Start Stitching Today New 2020

Crochet surface is a technique to add embroidery style design to your crochet work. There are several different ways to work surface crochet, the most common of which is with a sliding stitch. In this technique, you create a series of sliding stitches on the surface of your crochet fabric by pulling loops from the back of the fabric to the front in the form of the pattern you want to design on the front of the work. This article talks about how to work with this kind of crochet. As a reference, the Mandala Sampler Throw free crochet template is used. Examples and links of other models using the technique can be found at the bottom of the post.

Here are some ways you can use this technique as soon as you know how to do it:

Create decorative emblems for crochet work without adding applications. This is a bit like drawing in your flow work! This is what we will practice next. You can also use the technique to add letters / words to your crochet work.

Use the lines to “delimit” the entire project or to outline parts of the project. This is a great way to draw attention to detail or to provide perfect edge contrast.

Use lines to create a plaid. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a crochet checkered design, this is your best bet.

It is easy to add color to a large monochrome crochet project. You can create an entire piece, such as a blanket, quickly in one color, and then use surface crochet stripes to add quick touches of color.

Smooth color transitions, especially in tapestry crochet. Some crochet patterns have irregular and irregular color changes that can be made to look cleaner and cleaner with surface crochet in transitions.

Creating additional layers in the work. The surface of the sliding crochet point is pretty flat, but it adds a second “layer” to your work, in which you could work extra stitches for the three-dimensional part, such as a textured flower.

Crochet sliding surface can also be a unique motive for gluing the method for grandmother squares and other designs. Dedri is more atLook on what I did has a great zipper join tutorial that shows this.

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