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Crochet Baby Shorts Patterns To Make You Smile New 2021

I had this sweet little project in the back of my mind for a while. Recently, my niece was a few months old and I realized this would be the perfect time to make her a pair of crochet shorts. Naturally, I had to prepare this couple in less than 1 hour to be able to photograph them while sitting.

I love not only how fast these shorts work, but also how easy they are! I will definitely add these shorts to my list of handmade baby shower gifts and I hope everyone loves them as much as I do!

A collection of free crochet baby pants models. Crochet trousers and long socks keep the baby warm at all times of the year. Today our crochet channel will share a collection of crochet pants for boys and girls and adjust the size for older boys. The collection includes a variety of patterns and stitches used to knit the trousers and shorten them for a warm climate. It’s easy to sew by changing colors and mixing designs, scroll down and see what we have picked for you.

I made these baby pants for a newborn photo shoot. I think they are pretty cute, I decided to take notes and share this gift with you.

This crochet free picture is for newborn / infant (0-1 month). You can always increase the number of chains to fit the baby’s waist. Please note that the number of lines varies depending on the stream you will use. I hope you like it!


Newborn Suspender Shorts



Size 10 ½ 16 inch circular needles
Size 10 ½ double point needles (4)
Yarn Needle
Worsted Weight Yarn (2) Colors
½ inch buttons (4)
Gauge: 4 stitches= 1 inch in stockinette stitch

You can wear them as is, or pair them over a bikini at the beach. In fact, I think the crochet summer top poncho from recent weeks and these shorts will look great together for beach wear.

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