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30+ Free Simple Quick And Easy Crochet Rainbow Blanket Sampler Ideas New 2020

Hello friends! I recently tried a crochet crochet, and at this point I realized why it’s called a quilt stitch – it makes an amazing blanket. I bet you already found out. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you need a light “knitted” blanket, this is a great template that is very simple. Today I will share with you how to make this knitted blanket out of children’s and children’s blankets. The truth is that when you study this line, you can easily customize the blanket of any size you want, starting with a longer or shorter chain. I also shared the full “Crochet Blanket Training Handbook” HERE so you can see how you can work with this stitch. It’s very easy.

I’ve seen a blanket, which is quite often used for camouflage, but mostly I prefer chunky yarn. And although it’s not done with very bulky yarn, as I often use, it’s still short enough to work pretty fast. I found this Lion Brand Wool Chaseky yarn in silver gray in JoAnns, but when I came back to get more in a different color, they did not have it anymore. I am not sure if they have stopped wearing or have run out, but you can always find this yarn on the internet or use another short yarn OR tie some tarn yarn together. So many options. ๐Ÿ™‚ Scroll down to see the free example below (or you can buy an ad-free printable version of Etsy HERE), or you can now find the complete kit for sale by Lion Brand Yarn HERE! I’m a little bit, take pictures, so wait for me …

Rainbow sampler knitted blanket pattern is available! If you want to try combining all sorts of stitches in a blanket of rainbow, then a crochet blanket for rehearsals is the perfect project for you. It does not have to be perfect (sampler is rare) because it gives you the ability to try every trick you like. I like to play with textures, colors and, if possible, at the same time. So it was the perfect project for me!

This tutorial is not a step-by-step guide because I designed this project as a training project, and originally it was not planned for others. However, I tried to write everything as clearly as I remember. I recorded the tutorials I used. Sometimes you need to make some adjustments to reconcile everything, or tinker a bit with the stitches. Of course, you can always skip or replace a line you do not like. When you’re ready, just grab a yarn and a hook and start!

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