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Best Simply Cute Crochet Beachwear Swimsuit Top Pattern Ideas New 2021

This top bikini crochet is perfect for all your summer activities! This is a very simple top bikini crochet with just a few simple stitches, but when it’s done, it’s absolutely beautiful! Absolutely GOOD! Summer is full of incredible water fun, and this peak is perfect for everything! Combine this with your favorite pants or wear it like a top with some expected shorts and cute komono! Let’s jump into your preferences!

While some may not be the best in the water, you will undoubtedly look stunning in your knit bikini.

Knitted bikinis help you have fun in the sun. The beauty of creating your own bikini is that you can choose the color, design and shape that fits your body perfectly. You can unleash your creativity by adding pearls, brushes, fringe blades and flowers – the possibilities are endless!

You can knit a vintage style, bohemian or more modern bikini, the choice is yours!

If you like this template and want more, check out my crochet top or new vibrant bikini template shown below.

Two different colors (aqua and white) made from 100% mercerized cotton, I used 4 strands for this top. This is on the thinner side of the 4-weight yarn if you want the same yarn I used. If you plan to wear this garment in water, for example as a bath plate, you should use 100% cotton yarn (or something that makes up at least 90% cotton blend). Acrylic thread does not dry as easily as cotton thread. However, if you don’t want to wear it in water, I would use acrylic yarn as it’s incredibly soft (and cheap)!

 Summer Top Crochet Pattern And Chart Free



250 (300) g of Lana Grossa Wakame (75% cotton, 25% viscose; 125 m/50 g) in Antique Pink (col 4).
Size 4 mm crochet hook.

All these crochet patterns are striking and standout that will not only complement your outfit but also highlight your personality and give you a diva look. The crochet top is the most stylish and modern fabric that can be worn, whether it is crocheted for summer or for cold winter.


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