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30+ Free Pattern Super Festive Crocheted Christmas Gifts Hats Ideas 2020

We may be biased because we love it, but we are the kind of crochet enthusiasts who will work with yarn all year round, even if the weather is too hot to feel good with all those wool on our laps sitting. We are also crochet lovers who knit hats all year round, although you only have to wear them for a few months of the year. At least we will be ready and have many warm options when the weather is cold, right? However, there is something in Christmas that really puts our knit hat in sfever, especially if the template contains a funny festive theme!

Check out these 31 amazing Christmas hats that will help you get into the festive spirit with just a little wool and your hook!

“Beanie Christmas gift crochet beanie – this is exactly what it looks like: a hat that looks like a Christmas present! It is easy and quick to crochet with the main crochet stitches.The vertical band is hooked by a single hook and will Sewn like a bow in the front where two lines of green tape cut in. The cap pattern is tied to a tutorial that lets you customize the pattern to any size of head. ”

How often do you donate to your local hospital so that preterm babies can dress in a small suit during their stay and home? Well, there is always a holiday! No parent with a brand new kid would remember their charming bunch of joy wearing a tiny, tiny Santa hat for extra support during the holidays.

Whether you do it in size for pregnant or more for older kids, this adorable fit Santa Claus hat and diaper is probably the cutest thing we’ve seen all day. Apart from the fact that you look absolutely cute when you wear them, these things are also fun for the person who makes them because they are a good excuse to use a small novelty of amusing fur yarn on the finish.

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