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30+ Free Crochet Christmas Santa Hat Pattern Ideas 2020

Hello to all! I hope you have a very fun holiday season!

I know everyone is busy this time of year, but I would like to share this Santa Claus hat, which I did in case you want to improve your game! It was the very last project (it literally ended on Christmas Eve!), But I took the time and decided that a hand-made Santa Claus luxurious hat would be perfect for all the festivities this week. It features a thick, curled / double edge and super fluffy pompom. But cranberry-colored yarn is what makes this hat, in my opinion, gives it a rich and classic Santa look.

Sorry, this post contains adult instructions only. However, this is a really simple template for increasing or decreasing the size, so I included a brief explanation of how you can customize it for your needs!

Here is what I used:

Hook 5.00 mm (I use THESE hooks!);
Lion Brand Homespun at Hepplewhite (about 115 g);
Flawless loops and threads in cranberries (one 100 g skein);
Tapestry needle.
Ok, let’s get started. (Or pin for later!)

Collection of knitted Christmas hats with gifts. Crochet Holidays gifts with festive red, green and white, as well as a festive hat design that is a little less stupid and a little more festive, so you can take cute family photos for your annual card! Today our Crochet Channel will share this witty crochet Christmas hat that is uniquely designed for the Christmas season, from the Christmas tree, snowflakes, to Santa, the reindeer and his little elf helper. If you feel very fashionable, it would be great to have white, silver or transparent beads to decorate holiday hats during crocheting! Scroll down and start preparing for the Christmas present for charity, friends and family.

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