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This Season 25+ Free And Easy Crochet Scarf Pattern Ideas Will Explode Your Mind Latest 2020

Knitted scarves are always fashionable, especially with the onset of cold. Everyone wants to have a unique and beautiful warm scarf. Today, we will look at different patterns and descriptions of knitting scarves for all occasions. In order to attach a delicate scarf hook we need: crochet, yarn, scissors.

The delicate scarf is a trendy accessory for the wardrobe of any fashionista. Our lesson will detail the master class of creating a delicate scarf for beginners.

To connect this fashion accessory, you will need: yellow threads – 200 g. (2 entanglements), hook, big gypsy needle and scissors. We made for you very simple diagrams especially for novice needle women. Under each photo there is a detailed description of the knitting process. First, we will get acquainted with the knitting scheme.

There are universal symbols for the hook. Let’s take a look at what these conditional icons mean:
1. Air Loop (v.p.) – chain. The chain of v.p. is the basis of any knitted product. It is very easy to attach the v.p. : the working thread is taken on the index finger of the left hand, the hook is held under the thread, turn from left to right, forming the first loop. Then hook hook to the working wire and pull through 1 hp, thus binding one loop after the other forming a chain.

2. The connection column (v.p.) – is used to attach the p. final, as well as to connect the individual parts of the ingesis. Stretch the work wire through two loops at a time.

3. Semi-pillar (floor.art) – Throwing a working thread on the hook, insert it to the front in the 3rd loop, and stretch the thread through the 3 loops, accordingly, on the hook remains a loop.

Such a soft and soft mohair scarf that we gladly put on the shoulders! The almost weightless accessory is attached with a red five-color hook to make a tantalizing wavy pattern.

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