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30+ Free Simple DIY Summer Crochet Bikini Top Ideas New 2020

Colorful bikinis from yellow, khaki, neon, red and rainbow colors look sweltering on the beach. You can choose different patterns for top, like bandeau, neck with ties, high neck, straps, etc. Rasta, color block, Jamaican and Brazilian design look great on you. You can choose cute patterns for newborns and small children.

Crocheted bikini!

What I like most about designing bikinis (and strays) is how versatile they are! You can easily add your own accents to this simple bikini. Lace details, spotted yarn, pearls, etc. do not hesitate to add more rows forward for a less spectacular bodice or not at all to create a classic looking bodice. Today we will work on this simple bikini! I recommend using cotton yarn when working with any project that can get wet (for example on rags) because cotton is extremely durable and breathable fiber.

Choosing the right swimsuit for a vacation at sea can be a challenge, but you just have to look better while working on a tan. Skinny bikinis were a popular swimsuit model for the simple reason that they show most of the skin. If you want to crochet and rock your bikini, then creating a crochet version is sure to be on your list. Here are over 30 free bikini crochet models to inspire you!

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