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30+ Free Our Most Favorite Crochet Slippers Pattern Ideas New 2020

These ten models to make knitted slippers represent the best in their field. Each design keeps your fingers warm, comfortable and comfortable. The design is stylish enough to complement any outfit. However, these slippers are comfortable enough to be worn at home all day long. There are several different ways to knit slippers, and thanks to the variety of designs, you will be able to master a number of techniques that will help you become intrigued in manufacturing.

These Seaside crocheted boots with rubber bottoms are easy to combine with cotton yarn and a pair of flip flops. Wear them to travel along the boardwalk or romp on your yacht! 😉

With just a pair of flip flops, yarn and a few basic tools, you can make shoes that you proudly wear. In the public. Seaside Slip-Ons is modern, summery and has a bit of espadrille flavor thanks to the contrasting sole and jutstichum around the rubber sole. (If you are into the idea of ​​espadrilles knitted sandals, here is a free example!)

The yarn I offer for Seaside rubber-soled shoes is Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton. This is one of my favorite shoe-knitting yarns, because the fact that it mercerized means that it really keeps its shape really well without stretching in time. And the light brilliance of this yarn makes every project pretty professional. You can see in action a few other free crochet models Make q Do Crew below. (Find all my free crochet patterns with the trigger here!)

Lion Brand has also put together a Seaside Slip-Ons set containing all the yarns needed to make this shoe, as well as a copy of the printed drawing and instructions for piercing the holes!

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