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30+ Free Our Favorite Crochet Hoodie Kits for Mom And Baby Ideas New 2020

This comfy, easy-to-knit sweater is the perfect complement to your fall wardrobe. I used 2 Caron Cakes to make this sweater. When choosing my branches, I made sure that I had those that had the same initial color, so the stripes on the front and back (almost) match.

If you buy a crochet set, you will receive a drawing and all the yarn you need to complete the drawing. Of course, you can still choose the right color of yarn. And you know what? You often get everything at a discount compared to what you usually pay.

The floral pattern on this loose knit sweater is perfect for spring. That’s the delicate design that will warm you, not too hot. This kit comes with 12 symps that you will need to complete a large poncho. You can choose from 24 different colors, including the sapphire you see here.

The unique design of this knitted cardigan sweater attracts attention, making it a great addition to any woman. It is a loose, easy-to-make crochet sweater made in monochrome color with single and double crochet. This crochet set is available in 13 different colors.

Scarlet shrugs – it’s a fast design with a beautiful, detailed texture that’s interesting for crocheting. Short sleeves make it another best style choice for spring. Although it is called “scarlet”, this set of knit sweaters is presented in ten different colorways.

Maybe my favorite part of the pullover is the color combination that I chose. I used the new Hygge Charm yarn made of red heart yarn. It has really cool color options, and the texture of the yarn is good! It’s soft and airy, plus it has a super thin spark. You can see all the colors available below … I think I could only have one flowering time by creating color schemes with this yarn.

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