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30+ Free Gorgeous Free Christmas Crochet Sweater Pattern Ideas 2020

his trendy Christmas crochet sweater is a raglan sweater with cute striped sleeves. I went with some modern Christmas flowers for my sleeves, but they can be made in any color combination. This is my first raglan sweater design, and I love it. The best part is that there is no sewing. NONE. There are many ends because of the stripes, but still … no sewing is needed!

Good evening everyone. It’s a bit cold outside, but I’m pretty sure you are still in a good mood to learn new crochet techniques. Honestly, I thought it was done with Christmas projects, and I saw it all, but fortunately, I was wrong. These charming winter sweaters with a snowman applique completely fascinated me, and I decided to share it with each of you. I think you will love and appreciate these cute creatures as much as I do. So, let’s get down to business and follow the new new step-by-step guides with written instructions brought by our friendly blog. There is nothing complicated in this project, and the templates will lead you to a successful conclusion. I just want to wish you good luck with these colorful Christmas sweaters. Please enjoy your making time and do not forget to share your experience with us and other hooks. Happy gearing.

I made this knitted Christmas children’s sweater on the weekend, and I’m going to explain how I did it, and I hope you can follow it. It is very simple and all HDC. I think the finishing touch of fur is all that matters. But please forgive me for not giving you exact estimates. I tend not to crochet this way. I would rather tell you how and why I make stitches and where they go instead of accurate calculations.

Here are some ideas for you if you need this template much more than I did. Measure the baby you are about to do, from shoulder to shoulder, neck to waist, and shoulder to arm. I think that this pattern can be corrected up to six years if you continue to increase in the neck / collar area until the shoulder measures the width you need. And you can easily add length to the bodice, hood and sleeves by adding more rows.

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