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25+ Free Crochet Pillow Patterns That Anyone Can Make Ideas New 2020

Crochet pillows are not only perfect for adding color and style to your decor, they are also fun. Impress your guest with these versatile and stylish accessories, perfect for your guest room or anywhere else in your home.

If you can not wait to try a new crochet project, we will help you. We found these amazing 20 crochet pillows samples that anyone can do. Take a hook and your favorite yarn and get ready to knit a gorgeous pillow for your home today.

Carnival pillow
Check out these amazing modern, fun and colorful patterns of crochet pillows. If the stunning color does not suit you, it looks just as beautiful in just one color or more pastel colors.

Crochet pillow patterns provide an easy way to change the overall decor of the room. While some crochet pillows have been designed to be padded and then seamed, many of them are removable pillowcases that can be easily washed and changed from season to season. Depending on the decor style, you can crochet cushions that are colorful or neutral, bizarre or monochrome, textured or smooth, square or round (or any other shape entirely). These ten free crochet pillow designs show different styles for different homes.

It is a classic knitted square pillow. The front of the pillow is made up of nine granny squares, each made in multiple colors, together to create a larger colorful square.

The back of the pillow is actually a sewn piece of fabric. Rows of granny stripes, adorned with buttons, are used to create a stripe that runs through the back of the pillow to tie it to the front design.

This template contains great information about performing each step, including customization. If you are uncomfortable sewing, the alternative would be to make two front design panels and sew them together with a pillow inside.

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