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30+ Free Best Velvet Christmas Crochet Stockings Pattern Ideas 2020

Another Christmas decoration that seems to be forgotten until the last minute is the Christmas stocking. Christmas stockings are a great gift for a child or even as something special for your family members every year. Stockings are not limited only to people in your family, do not forget about your dogs and cats! I’m sure Santa will not forget them. Join me to take a look at 15 free crochet Christmas stockings to get started today.

I felt typically festive this holiday season and introduced a pair of Christmas socks to warm my feet in this weather. I thought that I would write a diagram in case one of you, dear people, also wants to create a couple!

The template is written in three sizes; The recommended guide for them is in the table below. Socks of slippers should fit snugly to your foot, so I would say that if in doubt, they will become a little smaller, more so as they will stretch.

Hope you enjoy making and wearing them.

The mini-tree that my beloved grandmother (who was Swedish and Christian) bought for us, and we always called her on Christmas Eve to wish her a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We also sat together as a family and watched Christmas movies. We used to watch home alone every year!

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