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30+ Free Adorable DIY Baby Trace and Make Pants, Shorts And Suspender Pattern New 2020

I taught several layout and sewing classes over the years, including my track and Make T and Leggings class for children in Creativebug, so I think it is very useful to know how to do this. Keeping track of existing clothes to create a pattern will really help you understand the architecture of clothes, how clothes are built. It is also useful when you want a template for something, but cannot find the right one or you don’t have clothes that suit you and you want to repeat.

In this post, I will show you how to make a simple shorts template, just a piece of the template, from a pair of existing shorts. You can also use this method for other types of clothes, and since it is based on something that already suits you, you cannot guess the size you need.

There are some cautions for tracking clothes to make patterns that I would like to mention before we get started. First, consider ethical pitfalls: do not use a template built to create the template or product that you want to sell. He uses someone else’s work to make a profit, and if you do not have permission to do so, this is wrong. Do your work, my friends. I drew and recreated a lot of clothes over the years for myself or my children, but when I create new models for sale, I do not use layouts; I am writing new templates from scratch or I based them on my own existing blocks. Also, keep in mind that the philosophy of “it’s okay to track as long as it’s for personal use” can still be seen by some as too weak; There are some who believe that tracking is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Another thing: the layout is quite slow and detailed, which requires a good amount of settings / adjustments, so if you already have a sewing pattern for what you are tracking, consider supporting an artist who has already spent time creating this template for you. Tracking is great, but not perfect; sometimes a sewing pattern that has been tested even better.

Since I first published this tutorial (as part of men’s upcycle shirts in children’s shorts, Apple does not fall far from tree shorts), created parsley Pants sewing pattern for children, along with an easy tutorial to make Parsley Shorts, therefore, you can try it if you are looking for a simple trouser / shorts pattern.

Ok, let’s get started!

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