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30+ Best Crochet Christmas Stockings Patterns You’ll Love Ideas 2020

When the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall, it’s the perfect time to cuddle up, pull out crochet hooks, and work on Christmas crafts that will surely warm hearts and homes. That’s why we’ve collected the best examples of Christmas crocheted stockings here. Of course it is nice to crochet decorations and blankets during the holiday season, but there is a special coziness in making Christmas stockings that will be exhibited on the fireplace for years to come. And while all the stockings we share here can be made with a template (and we mentioned that all these templates are free?), We have no doubt that you will add your unique personalization.

Will you use a super-soft material or choose a bright, unexpected color yarn? Do you show your stockings over the bed instead of the fireplace? Maybe use a shiny yarn? Whatever you do, in decades, everyone will know that you have made this particular stocking because it looks like you. With these crochet models, you can also create a unique style of stocking for every member of your family. So, if your daughter loves a unicorn and your son prefers a deer, you can buy it both ways! With these 20 models of Christmas crochet stockings, you’ll immediately say, “This is crochet season!”

We’ve put together some great free Christmas crochet patterns and everyone will find something for themselves.

We’ve collected a cute collection, including stockings, snowflakes, trinkets and more. There are cute little angels, and we even have a skirt for the Christmas tree.

Whether you are a child or an adult, there is something magical about the fireplace or on a wall near a tree waiting to wake up on Christmas morning to see those oversized socks full of sweets and other little ones. Goodies.

Christmas stockings are such a fun holiday tradition and this collection of 34 Christmas crochet stockings is here to help you continue this tradition in handmade fashion.

Make holiday stockings big and small, from adult and child size, to hang them on the coat piece, to make smaller designs to decorate your tree, here’s an example for you. For all four-legged members of your family, there is even a crochet model on pets!

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